A lot of cork dork colleagues of mine get together and lament about the explosion of Faux Grigios on the market. By Faux Grigio, we are referring to the mass number of Pinot Grigio’s that have no business calling themselves Pinot Grigio other than a marketing guy said it would sell better.

Pinot Grigio should be fresh and alive and feature flinty minerality alone with grin generating citrus/lemon-lime flavours. It should be quite straightforward and a real delight. Pinot Grigio is an everyday drinking wine. It is the kind of wine that has sustained the ‘paesanos’ of Northern Italy for generations and should be a simple, earned bonus after a hard day’s work no matter what you do.

There are a couple of wines that immediately come to mind when I think of true Pinot Grigio and the Indesio is one at $12 a bottle that is most affordable and true to its heritage.

There is real value in authenticity just like there is real value in a hard day’s work and the wise wine drinker always seeks out the authentic vs the marketing. Put down the Copper Moons, Naked Grapes, and even the Jacob’s Creeks of the world and get the Indesio and improve your quality of life.