There is something inherently happy about sparkling wine. It dances upon the palate and tickles the nose, while also featuring flavours that are bright and full of sunshine. I have a feeling that if everyone had one glass of sparkling wine each week, the world would be a happier place.

I’m certain there aren’t too many people out there that would disagree with the above until we get down to price and re-usability.

For the most part, Sparkling wine comes into BC starting at around $16 and the quality is about average. Yet when I was recently in New York sparkling wine was far closer to people’s everyday price and the selection was far more diverse, so it seems that it is possible to get some quality Sparkling wines for $15 or under, we just have to seek them out and ask for them.

To that end, we have found a Brut from Australia and a Blancs de Blancs from France (still working on pricing for a Spanish Cava and a Prosecco).

The Blancs de Blancs from France is the Jean Louis Blancs de Blanc and it is a tremendous buy. Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc grapes this wine shows bright fruit flavours of apple, pear and a hint of nectarine. The bubbles dance upon the palate all the way to a wonderfully fresh finish. For an everyday Sparkler with the unmistakable character of a European temptress look no farther.

Sadly I have yet to be able to solve the re-usability issue in a cost-effective way, but until I do, the wise wine buyer will not only ensure they find a way to put a smile on their palate every week but they will also do so for under $15.

Here is a link to Wikipedia’s overview of Champagne and Sparkling Wines. Very well written with a nice piece on Blancs de Blancs: